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Disney’s The Little Mermaid Jr. Cast List

Thank you to everyone who auditioned and congratulations to those who were cast! You all made casting this show very difficult and you should all be proud of yourselves! Please call Teddy Petrie at 856-691-1121 or email him at to accept or decline your role. The Read-Through and “Parent Meeting” is going to be Tuesday, July 9. The director asks that parents and children come for a pre-show meeting at 6:00 PM. Specific chorus parts will be given out that night. Directly after the meeting we will start the rehearsal. Rehearsal will be done at 9:00 PM. Any questions feel free to call the theater at 856-691-1121.

Ariel – Emma Streckenbein
Prince Eric –Thomas Burgess
Seahorse – Alex Brodzik
King Triton –Sean Scanlon
Sebastian – Yodi Spencer
Aquata – Alyssa Arcangeli
Andrina – Victoria Cox
Arista – Brittany Burns
Atina – Megan Canonica
Adella – Cassidy Weyman
Allana – Kate Volpe
Flounder – Katelyn Gallo
Scuttle – Nerys Muller
Gulls – Jeremy Maines, Samantha Arcangeli, Chris Cordery
Ursula – Jillian Still
Flotsam – Karly Raebiger
Jetsam – Kyra Bryant
Grimsby – Nick Vastano
Carlotta –Ally Steuber
Chef Louis – ‘Nifiniti Peterson
Pilot –Wilfredo Ojeda

Ensemble – Morgan Acosta, Della Anconetani, Matt Camardo, Gregory Burgess, Riley Huck, Michael Deem, Bobby Gallo, Robert Burgess, Bella Prato, Lindsay Nakai, Kristina Zemanik, Letisha Robinson, Melissa Pratt, Abigail Mercogliano, Victoria Garton, Samantha Serrano, Julianna Giordano, Isabella Corraliza, Stephanie Savela, Jessica Brotherton, Cami Cafiso, Elizabeth Vastano, Taylor Iacovelli, Gianna Dotti, Jade Silva, Ciara Sikking, Alyssa Peacock, Abigail Bles, Carina Cafiso, Abigail Maines, Lilly Maines, Susana Rivas, Marianne Burgess